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Core Values

These are our five core values, a set of shared fundamental beliefs that will guide our behaviors and decisions to help shape our future.  Titan's employees LIVE these values daily.  It is the foundation of our ability to serve our customers.

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Always Professional

Each team member must hold themselves to a set of standards and codes of conduct.  We will be on-time and prepared.  At all times, we must look & act the part.  Our communication (with each other and our clients) must be clear and effective.  A professional is capable, thorough and reliable. 

Get Engaged

Our team members must participate in their own success.  This means we must "be in the moment", get involved and contribute.  Each team member will develop a sense of ownership over their own career.  Each of us will participate in meetings, seek out training, offer new ideas, be a mentor or volunteer to help others.  We will not be bystanders, our customers are relying on us. 

Be The Expert

We must embrace a Growth Mindset. This is the idea that, with effort, it is possible to increase our intelligence levels, talents and abilities.  We will develop our expertise & abilities over time.  We must seek out opportunities to gain new knowledge and broaden our skills.  We must not shy away from challenges or be afraid of failure. 

Value Each Other

We believe that we are stronger together.  Each team member must value each other at all times.  We must say nice things, hold each other accountable, show gratitude and encourage others.  This will help strengthen our internal relationships and allow us to better serve our customers and community.  We must take the time to stop and listen to each other.  Every one of our staff has a valuable role.  

Do The Most

We believe that the effort we put into something will directly affect the outcome.  At every opportunity, we must strive to do the most for our clients.  Going the extra mile means doing more that just what it expected.  We will try a little harder and overdeliver on our promises.  Our customers will appreciate the extra effort. 

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We are always looking for the right people to help make us better.  Titan Heating & Cooling is hiring now.  If you are awesome and have valuable skills and abilities then we want to hear from you.   Click the link below to see our current openings and to submit your application. 

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The team at Titan Heating & Cooling has over 100 years of combined experience with residential HVAC systems.  We are true craftsmen and take pride in helping homeowners like you solve your home's heating & cooling problems. 

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