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Electric Water Heaters

Titan Heating & Cooling is your top choice for installing, maintaining or repairing electric water heaters.  We have been installing water heaters in Rochester, NY since 1987.  We are experts and would be proud to serve you. 

Standard Electric Water Heaters

These units use electricity to heat water for your home.  You do not have to worry about gas leaks or harmful exhaust gases with electric water heaters.  These units come in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs.  Typically 40 or 50 gallon is the right choice for a standard home and family.  We install high quality units by AO Smith, State and Rheem.  

Rheem Marathon Lifetime Tanks

This may be the last water heater you will have to buy.  These electric water heaters are built using a patented seamless polymer tank that is warrantied for life.  These models are built in a variety of sizes to fit almost every home.  Sizes are available in 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 85 and 105 gallon.  If you want an electric water heater that will last, this is the one to get. 

Heat Pump Electric Water Heaters

These electric water heaters take efficiency to the next level.  This type of water heater combines electric heating elements with a heat pump to drive down energy usage and help save you money on your electric bill.  Hybrid heat pump water heaters may also qualify for huge energy rebates.   

Water Heater Maintenance & Repair

Is your water heater working to its potential?  Did you know that your electric water heater needs routine maintenance.  Titan's professionals can flush, clean and tune-up your water heater.  This important service can help eliminate breakdowns and extend the life of your equipment.   Is your water heater not working?  You may need a repair, trust us to be able to properly diagnose and fix your water heater.  No one likes a cold shower, call Titan Heating & Cooling today!

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5 Most Common Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Replacement:

Your home's water heater is one of the most important parts of your plumbing system.  Like any appliance they eventually wear out and need replacing.  But how do you know when it's time to get a new one?  Below is a list of the most common signs that your water heater is failing and needs attention.

The Tank is Leaking:

This one is pretty simple.  If you current water heater is leaking, it needs to be replaced.  Leaks usually start small, but eventually get worse over time.  Leaks develop when the inner lining becomes compromised.  This is usually the result of excessive pressure and age.  If you see water dripping from the tank or see puddles of water on the floor, it is time to get a new water heater.

Rusty or Discolored Water:

If you are seeing cloudy, rusty or discolored water when using hot water, it usually means that the tank needs to be replaced.  Excessive corrosion can cause this problem and it means that the inner lining of the tank has failed.  You can try to flush the tank for an hour or so to see if it clears up.  If the water is still not clear after flushing, replace the water heater. 

Loud Noises or Banging Sounds:

Water heater usually produce little or no noise.  If you start hearing loud banging or "popping" noises coming from the tank, it usually means an excess buildup of sediment has built up.  This sediment causes the water heater to work harder to heat the water.  Water trapped in the sediment can heat to the point that it boils.  This boiling causes small air bubbles to force their way though the sediment causing rumbling sounds and "pops."  You can try to flush the water heater to remove the sediment.  If this doesn't solve the problem, it is time to replace your tank. 

Frequently Running out of Hot Water:

There could be a multitude reasons for this problem to occur.  It could be that your water heater is not sized properly to meet your usage needs.  It could also signal a problem with the burner or elements depending upon what type if water heater that you have.  You may wan to have a qualified technician come to your home and assess the situation.  If the water heater's size is insufficient, you may want to consider a larger size or even a tankless water heater to replace your current system. 

Your Tank is Over 10 Years Old:

Traditional water heaters have an expected life of 8-10 years.  If your water heater is over 10 years, it may be time to replace it.  Water heaters will eventually fail and most homeowner's would prefer not to have a plumbing emergency.  Plan to have it replaced BEFORE it causes a flood.  This way you can make an informed, non-rushed decision to be sure to make the right selection on your terms.  If your tank is old, but you are not quite ready for replacement, you could have a qualified plumber to perform a tune-up and sediment flush.  This maintenance can help extend the usable life of your existing tank. 

Do you need a new Water Heater?

Titan Heating & Cooling has experts ready to help you.  We can assist you with all of your water heater needs. Need some advice?  Our team is standing by now.  We offer a wide selection of water heater and offer prompt professional service.  What are you waiting for?

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